Driving value, alignment between IT and business, manage IT Services, and customer satisfaction are the main objectives for the contemporary Information Technology Service Management (ITSM). ITSM also aims at encouraging harmonization between modern IT technology and ITIL framework regarding service operation. However, most of the companies and organisations struggle to comprehend the ITSM due to the dynamic nature and volume of IT technology and business values. A systematic literature review was conducted to understand the state of the current research in contemporary technology, especially cloud computing, automation, and machine learning. The review indicated that the focus of the existing research is skewed towards the innovative trend of the ITIL process using modern technologies. To demonstrate the findings from the literature, we adopted the case study method based on ITSM theory. Despite the current limitation, we found that most of the companies demonstrate more interest and enthusiasm for IT innovative technologies when it comes to ITIL implementation and ITIL service operation