Digital health systems such as MyHealthRecord (MyHR) are aimed at enabling the accessibility of health records whenever and wherever, assisting users in making more informed decisions about patient care. This research explored MyHR adoption (Victoria) and user views/experiences in general practice organisations (GPO). Although adoption of MyHR in GPO was encouraged in July 2016, system use was limited, adapting ad hoc procedures mostly to satisfy funding criteria. This paper brings recommendations for GPO and policy makers, referring to lessons from GP computerisation. The adoption triangle theory was contextualised, encapsulating three main themes: (1) To understand and identify ‘needs’ of GPOs/patients, promoting cultural shift among GPOs and the community; (2) ‘Enhance support’ to address these needs, including three themes related to users and GPO engagements, and a formal change-management approach; (3) ‘Review incentive’ to increase system education and interaction, hence increasing the likelihood of adoption sustainability.