The evolving trend of promoting active student instructional strategies to facilitate improved performance has gained momentum. So, too, is the impact of information communications technology (ICT) tools for enhancing productivity in the education sector. Nonetheless, for over a decade, student throughput at South African universities has been estimated to be around 15 percent. Despite high rate of the students’ under preparedness at South African universities of technology, students’ academic participation using ICT tools in their required educational work is insufficient. Factors deterring active participation and ICT adoption in South African HE are largely unknown. Therefore, it is important to investigate the effectiveness of using ICT enables tutorial strategies to promote improved instructional performance. The study employs a 2 x 2 factorial quasi-experimental design to investigate the interactive effects of instructional strategies and cognitive preferences in database systems knowledge acquisition. The study adopts a quantitative research design, and the data was collected using paper-based pre and post-tests. The QUEST Interactive Test Analysis System estimate was used to analyse the experimental data.