Japanese ICT investment trailed the developed world for many decades, contributing to low productivity growth. A potential root cause is the influence of Japanese culture over the strategic use of and investment in ICT (SUIICT). Empirical research on cultural aspects of SUIICT in Japan is lacking. This study will examine national culture and its association with SUIICT in organisations in Japan compared to Australia. A quantitative survey of ICT decision makers in Japanese and Australian organisations will be fielded based on questions synthesized from McFarlan, McKenney and Pyburn (The Strategic Grid), and Hofstede and Minkov (Cultural Dimensions Model). A contribution to theory will be the development and testing of an empirical model and practical instrument for determining the association between national culture and SUIICT. A practical contribution will be an increase in understanding of both markets allowing for more effective market segmentation and development of ICT offerings for both countries.