Most information system (IS) theories arise from Western research and the transferability of these _theories to other cultures is under-researched. Business intelligence (BI) has topped CIOs’ _technology priority list for years and BI is the largest IT spend at present. Chinese BI software _markets have great potential because Chinese economy supports its technological development. _China adopts a different culture and a different management philosophy to the Western _organizations. Guanxi and constructs from the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology __(UTAUT) are applied in two large Chinese organizations, where UTAUT constructs cannot explain _managerial BI system use. A model of Chinese BI use (MCBIU) is proposed to fill this gap, and this _model is the major theoretical contribution of the research paper. This research also contributes to _practice by improving Chinese managers’, BI consultants’ and developers’ understanding of the _topic._