This study takes a customer centric approach to investigate small eRetailers’ data driven decisions. The research is based on an edited version of Chaffey and Smith´s (2013) RACE framework and an edited version of the business analytics framework by Delen and Demirkan (2012a), divided in knowledge and data driven decision-making. By combining these two frameworks we create the Data Driven Decision RACE model. The empirical research is a survey among small Finnish eRetailers. The findings indicate that a majority of the studied eRetailers do analyze data and understand customer online behavior especially in the Reach and Engage stages of the Data Driven Decision RACE model. However, the study also indicates that the data driven decision-making is fairly low within all three stages of the model, which implies that small eRetailers primarily rely on experience and gut instinct rather than on customer data when they make decisions concerning their online activities.