Processes of IT Service Management (ITSM) are often defined in frameworks and standards pre-sented as best practices. However, existing best practices are often solely directed to service provid-ers, which does not correlate to a modern service-dominant logic. Moreover, existing best practices are often regarded as too comprehensive which prevents several actors from adopting them. Thus, this paper is based on the idea that there is a need to study how foundational premises of the service dominant logic could be inscribed into essential ITSM processes. This, we argue, will support practi-tioners to embrace a service culture while streamlining their work with ITSM work procedures. To this end, we have collaborated with service providers and service customers and adopted the Action Design Research methodology in order to identify, modify and evaluate essential ITSM processes in practice. Our theoretical contribution constitutes normative knowledge of enhanced essential ITSM processes from a service-dominant logic perspective.