This paper critically assesses wireless broadband internet infrastructure, in the rural and remote communities of WDR in terms of supply, demand and utilisation. Only 8 of 20 towns have ADSL/ADSL2+, and only 3 towns have 4G mobile network coverage. Conversely all of the towns have 2G/3G mobile network coverage but have problems with speed, reliability of service and capacity to handle data traffic loads at peak times. Satellite broadband internet for remote areas is also patchy at best. Satisfaction with existing wireless broadband internet services is highly variable across rural and remote communities in WDR. Finally we provide suggestions to improve broadband internet access for rural and remote communities. Public and private investment and sharing of wired and wireless broadband internet infrastructure is needed to provide the backhaul networks and 4G mobile and fixed wireless services to ensure high speed, reliable and affordable broadband services for rural and remote communities.