Using Design Science to Build a Watermark System for Cloud Rightful Ownership Protection

Brian Cusack, School Mathematics & Computer Science, AUT University, Auckland
Reza Khaleghparast, School Mathematics & Computer Science, AUT University, Auckland


Cloud computing opportunities have presented service options for users that are both economical and flexible to use requirements. However, the risk analysis for the user identifies vulnerabilities for intellectual property ownership and vulnerabilities for the identification of rightful property owners when cloud services are used. It is common for image owners to embed watermarks and other security mechanisms into their property so that the rightful ownership may be identified. In this paper we present a design that overcomes many of the current limitations in cloud watermarking uses; and propose a schema that places responsibility on the cloud provider to have a robust information protection program. Such a design solution lays out an information security architecture that enhances utility for cloud services and gives better options for users to securely place properties in the cloud. The Design Science methodology is used to build the artefact and answer the research question: How can rightful ownership be protected in the Cloud?