Open Food Network: the Role of ICT to Support Regional Food Supply Chains in Australia

Sherah Kurnia, Computing and Information Systems, University of Melbourne, Australia
Serenity Hill, Open Food Foundation, Australia
Md Mahbubur Rahim, Caulfield School of IT, Monash University, Australia
Kirsten Larsen, Open Food Foundation, Australia
Patrice Braun, Federation University, Australia
Danny Samson, Management and Marketing, University of Melbourne, Australia


Many organizations have introduced various ICT-enabled innovations to improve economic, environmental and social performance. The Open Food Network (OFN) is an example of an ICT enabled innovation that has the potential to enhance the sustainability of regional food supply chain by improving farmers’ access to local and regional markets and consumers’ access to fresh local produce, as well as optimizing the regional food distribution and improving local community welfare. OFN has just been recently launched in Australia and currently there is a limited understanding of the actual impacts. This research-in-progress paper aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the OFN system in connecting and supporting the sustainability of regional food supply chain communities in Australia that will help devise strategies for expanding the use beyond Australia. The findings contribute to a longer term research program that investigates how ICT can support sustainability initiatives within organizations and supply chains.