This teaching case describes the challenges faced by MTech Imaging, a Singapore small and medium enterprise (SME) that specializes in providing thermal imaging solutions. In recent years, the company has relentlessly strived to become a digital innovative solution provider. This push has led to the development of a disruptive digital innovation called the AXION platform. Students are provided with vivid accounts of the journey undertaken by MTech to develop the AXION platform, the industry it competes in, and the challenges it faces in attempting to disrupt its industry through the introduction of the AXION platform. The case seeks to achieve three learning objectives: (1) allow students to learn from MTech’s experiences in developing disruptive digital innovation; (2) immerse students as senior management of MTech to substantiate the best digital innovation strategy to adopt in order to disrupt its industry; and (3) expose students to the challenges of driving the adoption of such digital innovation in the market. It is hoped that the case can inspire students to become effective digital innovation entrepreneurs.