An SME's Adoption of a Cloud Based Integrated Management System (IMS) When Certifying against Management System Standards (MSS)

Ming Hock Yew, School of Business, SIM University, Singapore
Jenson Chong-Leng Goh, School of Business, SIM University, Singapore


This case study introduces a four step approach used by a Singapore small and medium enterprise (SME) in implementing a cloud computing based integrated management system (IMS) to meet ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certification requirements. The objectives of this case study are to study: (1) the challenges encountered by an SME during the IMS integration process at each of the four levels of integration (2) the extent which Frugal IT Innovation and Technology Acceptance Model (TAM3) concepts apply to our four step approach. The four step approach was assessed against a framework of four integration levels of the management systems (MS), and also the applicability of two IS theories (Frugal IT Innovation and TAM3). Data was collected via: (1) direct observations (2) participant observations; (3) interviews with key personnel involved in the project; and (4) analysis of documents pertaining to the project. This case study provides an exemplary model on using IS theories and public cloud technologies to develop an effective IMS that other SMEs can learn from.