A Theoretical Approach to initiate Mobile Assisted Language Learning among school leavers and University Students of Sri Lanka

Fazeena Jamaldeen
Yamaya Ekanayaka
Kamalanath Hewagamage


Mobile devices have proven to be an appropriate tool in the area of mobile language learning, by expanding the horizons of learning beyond the classroom education. Power of mobile devices and advanced technologies have made ease of access to educational resources and materials to the learner. This study is a part of an ongoing research focusing on enhancing English Language Learning among school leavers and undergraduates. The objective of this paper is to present the results of a study conducted to identify the prospects of m-learning among the target study community, who were school leavers and undergraduates of Sri Lanka. A design based research methodology will be used in this study along with activity theory as a framework in order to analyse the situation and find out the prospects in introducing m-learning among the target community.