Cloud computing is proved to be an effective computing technology for organisations through the advantages that it offers such as IT technical agility and scalability, enhancing businesses processes, and increasing enterprises competitiveness. In Australia, there is an emerging trend that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) begin to adopt this technology in the conventional working practices. However, there is a dearth of prior studies on examining the factors that influence the cloud computing adoption among Australian SMEs. To fill the empirical vacuum, this research-in-progress proposes an integrated framework for examining the determinants of cloud computing service adoption with the consideration of the unique characteristics of Australian SMEs, such as relatively low adoption of cloud computing services, less innovative, and limited knowledge about cloud computing and its benefits and hindrances. To this end, we are conducting consecutive studies to investigate this research issue. An exploratory interview study will be applied to observe and verify the characteristics of Australian SMEs toward the cloud computing adoption. This is followed by an organisational level survey that examines the effects of determinants on cloud computing adoption. Finally, a decision model for cloud computing adoption among Australian SMEs will be developed by using a Multi Criteria Decision Approach (MCDA) through rating, prioritising, and ranking of various criteria and alternatives available to the decision makers. Adopting the mixed-method research fashion, this research-in-progress intends to make significant implications to scholars and practitioners alike in the cloud computing research and applications areas.