Service provision of bricks-and-mortar services (e.g. cleaning, gardening) poses several challenges to the consumer. Finding a service provider as well as ordering and coordinating the service provision, requires intensive interaction between consumer and service provider. Due to the regional anchoring of these services, they are, to a large extent, provided by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). This poses additional challenges to the consumer: the market is fragmented and processes differ across service providers and industries. This problem is well-solved for tangible goods: consumers buy goods from different sellers via one marketplace (e.g. Amazon marketplace, eBay) and a seller-independent process. For services a similar consumer support is lacking. In this paper we address the gap from a consumer’s perspective by proposing a software architecture that integrates standard applications and modules to support the consumer process. While the work is still in progress, first practice applications demonstrate the artifact’s usefulness and viability.