In today’s dynamic environment, managing supply chain processes has been challenging. Various information and communication technologies (ICT) have been adopted for supply chain management (SCM) in the last few decades. The adoption of technologies for SCM, nevertheless, has been difficult and complex because different parties are involved. Recently, with the emergence and popularity of web 2.0 as social technology, innovative companies have started to explore and adopt web 2.0 as an alternative method for supply chain integration. Web 2.0 has many features that are useful for dynamic communication across the globe, which facilitates integration among supply chain parties. However, currently, web 2.0 has not been widely used to support SCM practices. Building upon the existing studies, in this paper, we assess how web 2.0 can be used for supporting SCM practices and highlight the values offered. A number of implications for managing supply chain with web 2.0 are also discussed.