In relation to enterprise technology governance (ETG), opinions differ between there being no need for board of director involvement to there being an urgent need for such involvement. Increasingly a majority of industry commentators and practitioners and a growing number of academics highlight the need for boards to provide ETG oversight of IT risk, strategy and investment, and to be competent in doing so. There is an identified large gap between board’s awareness of the importance of ETG, their taking action and their competency requirements for effective ETG. This research develops a board-level ETG competency set using a mixed method competency development framework. It applies an identified competency development rigor scale to demonstrate a medium to high level of competency validity for the derived set. This research contributes to practice by providing the first known industry validated competency set of this type situated within new and emerging technology. It contributes to the body of knowledge in the modification and application of competency development and competency validation frameworks not previously applied to the role of board director.