Information Systems (IS) research is characterized by plurality of methodologies, perspectives and contexts giving rise to various communities within the discipline. Studies of IS communities in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific highlight the cognitive diversity, institutional distribution and research themes based on geography. While regional variations have been acknowledged, the debate on the identity and status of IS is on-going. In this paper we conduct an exploratory study of the IS research paradigm in India and contribute to IS discipline studies by bringing in the India perspective. We analyse the ‘cognitive’ and ‘behavioural’ legitimacy of IS discipline in India based on interviews conducted with Indian business school professors from IS and non-IS disciplines. The focus of the study is to understand the current state of IS research community in India. We find a need to establish a ‘collective identity’ of IS research in India, which will benefit both the Indian and larger IS community to work on unique research possibilities presented by the socioeconomic context of India.