Technology has been the catalyst that has facilitated an explosion of organisational data in terms of its velocity, variety, and volume, resulting in a greater depth and breadth of potentially valuable information, previously unutilised. The variety of data accessible to organisations extends beyond traditional structured data to now encompass previously unobtainable and difficult to analyse unstructured data. In addition to exploiting data, organisations are now facing an even greater challenge of assessing data quality and identifying the impacts of lack of quality. The aim of this research is to contribute to data quality literature, focusing on improving a current understanding of business-related Data Quality (DQ) issues facing organisations. This review builds on existing Information Systems literature, and proposes further research in this area. Our findings confirm that the current literature lags in recognising new types of data and imminent DQ impacts facing organisations in today’s dynamic environment of the so-called “Big Data”. Insights clearly identify the need for further research on DQ, in particular in relation to unstructured data. It also raises questions regarding new DQ impacts and implications for organisations, in their quest to leverage the variety of available data types to provide richer insights.