With developing countries now gaining access to modern banking services for their customers, research is needed to understand how developing countries will adapt to these changes. Since the 1980s, in the Arabic region, technological expansion has occurred with a focus on trade and services offered by industries – recently the banking sector has started to develop banking services through mobile devices and the Internet to improve customer relationships. In particular, the banking sector is an information intensive industry and aims to be at the forefront of advanced use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). One common trend is increasing the use of self-service technologies, which are facilitated by ICTs. In particular, Libyan banks are continually looking for alternative ways to relate to customers to reducing costs and improve services. However, the current availability of technology-enabled banking services is extremely limited. This paper presents a comparative review of the use of technology-enabled banking services by Libyans, when they are in Libya and whilst they are in Australia (a foreign country furthering their education).



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