This paper is concerned with understanding how Green Information Systems (“Green IS”) are initiated and used in organisations. We argue that Green IS can be studied from a practice perspective and draw from Bourdieu’s Theory of Practice. Data is collected from a case study of an Asian telecommunications organisation focusing on two Green IS practices—Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) software and the Sustainable Document and Application Management (SDAM) software. The findings show that the use of UCC and SDAM have emerged through a complex relationship between employees’ and managements’ ‘green’ dispositions and the prevalence of green culture set forward by top management via pre-defined eco-sustainability strategies. The paper contributes to IS research by offering an understanding of how Green IS as practice emerged in organisation through practice-based evidence and insights from the existing literature. Further, the paper demonstrates the utility of the Theory of Practice, a social theory less used in broader IS research, to future Green IS research and practice.


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