This research paper reports part of a larger international study that employs collaborative tagging for effectively describing knowledge and learning resources (KLR) in an institutionalised setting. The number of these resources has increased enormously within organisations over time and with an increasing variety of quality standards, maturity and granularity of resources, the description of content with metadata becomes more and more challenging. Automatic extraction services and professional metadata authoring tools could not deliver the expected results. Therefore, this research project investigated and discussed collaborative tagging as a means to successfully tag KLR. This paper presents results of an online survey distributed to first-year Information Systems students at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The results report on the study’s key themes of commitment and convergence towards generally accepted collaborative tags. Commitment and convergence could be confirmed, but there is a need for further exploration with a higher number of participants. Collaborative tagging is suggested as a solution to facilitate the development of ontologies for describing organisational metadata.