This research reports on the development of a framework to be used to benchmark the e-readiness of e- Commerce websites. This model will be used in a follow up study relating customer trust and the maturity levels of websites. While several models of e-Commerce capability and maturity have been developed over the years most of them have identified the stages of growth in broad and/or strategic terms. With advances in technology, and the availability of software development tools and new ways of enhancing the customer’s shopping experience, it is possible to determine the maturity levels of websites in terms of these value added features. For this study, a list of website tools, technologies and services were placed in a common pool and subjected to classification by a selected panel of e-Commerce users who would determine which items should be assigned to which level of maturity. The objective was to determine which features, in the view of typical customers, suggested a certain level of maturity. The result is the establishment of a process for developing a general framework of e-Commerce maturity from a customer perspective based on the usage of currently available technology solutions and services.