The impacts of cell phone usage on shaping the future of our children have been studied using a the mixed method research approach in which the numbers obtained through quantitative data collection method is verified and complemented by the narratives and stories recorded during the qualitative data collection session. This paper focuses on the social consequences of misusing cell phones especially the gradual but imperceptible deterioration of inter-family ties and the intensification of the bond between children and their friends. The paper argues that the breaking down of family relationship could result in teen-agers relying on the advice of their peers instead of seeking guidance from their parents. The paper reviews the existing literature in order to analyse the ways in which this piece of technology is used and the impact it has on teen-agers and their families. The study shows that children are not only using cell phones as intended, by the parents, but they also use it more to communicate with their friends to the detriment of family relationship. Further the study shows that youth have absolutely lost the skills of communication. They are more fluent in ‘texting’ back rather than speaking back. Absolutely no language skills, no eye to eye contact, no good posture and more than anything keep texting even while speaking which parents consider as a huge disrespect and disregard.