In many organisations (e.g. IDEO, Nissan, Chaparral Steel) the ability to be innovative and first to the market is their key to success and even survival. Finding and retaining creative minds is difficult, as innovators often become entrepreneurs of their own companies. Current recruitment techniques include the use of psychometric instruments (such as the KAI inventory and Myer-Briggs), role-playing, skill tests and scenario analysis. Our approach is complementary and based on the view that since innovation is a process, starting with novelty- seeking behaviour and ending with an innovative product, that certain individual characteristics and personality traits will be appropriate at different phases of the process. To capture innovation-related knowledge, we acquire ‘war-stories’ from recognised innovators in the form of scenarios and potential responses. This story-bank becomes a means of identifying potential business partners or employees who will respond in ways considered desirable by the organization as well as a means for identifying what areas the individual or organisation are deficient with respect to the innovation process.