The evolution of information technology and systems (ITS) architecture in recent times has magnified the complexity and multi-perspectival nature of the ITS management context. ITS developments such as e-Business models and frameworks, commercialisation of the Internet and creation of agile systems development approaches have highlighted the need to consider ITS management from a more diverse, inter-subjective and multi- perspectival point of view (rather than the more traditional positivist process reduction approaches). The Perspectival ITS Management Model (developed by Bunker 2004) provides a multi-perspectival insight into ITS management and the planning, control, policy development and processes that accompanies this management. The focus in Design Science (Simon 1977) also reflects the development of innovative and useful system artefacts (from a more traditional positivist process reduction orientation) and is consistent with the Perspectival ITS Management Model. In this paper it is argued that much can be learnt from using Simon’s (1977) Design Science approach as a lens of process analysis in conjunction with the Perspectival ITS Management Model to study the management of ITS artefacts through the development of a Perspectival Punctuated Action (PPA) approach. PPA is explained and used to briefly explore the public consultation process in the development of a B2G online authentication framework.