With the exception of Deane et al. (1995), Furnell et al. (2000), Clarke et al. (2002), Giesing (2003) and Ho et al. (2003), much of the research conducted in Biometrics has only examined the technical aspects of biometrics. Given the importance of user issues and the gap in existing literature, this exploratory study will attempt to understand the ‘people’ side of biometrics. To examine the issues behind user acceptance and biometrics, the Biometrics User Acceptance Model (Ho et al. 2003) will be explored. This will be used as a framework within which to answer the research questions: (1) What are the perceptions of user acceptance issues surrounding the use of a biometric authentication system?, and (2) What are the perceived enablers and inhibitors of biometric adoption? This model will be used as a basis for a survey instrument and will be tested on post graduate students at the University of New South Wales.