The development of business models for eBusiness is helpful in allowing researchers and practitioners to organise their thoughts about different eBusiness options. However, it can be argued that many of the business models for eBusiness are static in nature and only provide a historical view. Indeed, these models are of limited value in providing guidance as to how to link the broad strategic concept with the detail of the required business processes in the operating eBusiness. This paper draws upon the emergent knowledge of eBusiness models together with traditional strategy theory to provide a simple integrating framework for the evaluation and assessment of business models for eBusiness. The framework allows for the simultaneous reflection of both top- down and bottom-up perspectives. That is, an entrepreneurial view based on the identification of a market need or business opportunity triggering the search for appropriate delivery mechanisms. In contrast, a technical view which builds up from an internal review of business process and ICT resources and capabilities which could suggest new electronically-based business options. Moreover, the paper provides a simple framework for the evaluation of possible business processes and business solutions.