In recent years, the creation of Internet-based knowledge has become increasingly significant. However, with regard to the influence and control of knowledge management processes, knowledge communities indicate specific problems for creating and distributing information. People – constantly or temporarily – without Internet access are left out of this knowledge dissemination. The CCIRP project takes problems of this kind into account, creating concepts how information generation in knowledge communities (e.g. CC-Expert) or in virtual teams, and how this knowledge can be distributed based on traditional media. The paper describes two approaches (within the context of the project CCIRP) that deal with knowledge generation and dissemination. CC-Expert is a tool for virtual communities (open user group) and VITEA for virtual teams (closed user groups), which were realised at the university of Koblenz, Germany. The approach VITEA shows how the knowledge generation and dissemination in virtual teams can be improved. It offers an environment to disseminate knowledge to team members without Internet access or with temporarily no access or even where Internet access is more inconvenient than using other media. In the VITEA-System the technologies of a reference lab and a virtual community are combined. One focus are the common aspects and differences and another the methods of knowledge generation and how to distribute knowledge by using heterogeneous media.