The Requirements Engineering (RE) process plays an important role in the software development process. In order to produce quality software greater attention must be given to the improvement of RE process. In this paper five key process areas (KPAs) have been identified from the research literature in order to improve the RE process. Firstly to support a goal-based approach in the RE process; secondly to support the incremental and cyclical behaviours in the RE process; thirdly to encourage stakeholders involvement in the RE process; fourthly, to support the management of RE process and fifthly to define a planning phase for the RE process. This research project aims to show that better results will follow when the RE process supports these five KPAs. To address these KPAs, a requirement elicitation, analysis and validation method (REAVM) is proposed. A case study has been conducted in order to test and evaluate the REAVM in the real world environment.