The research investigated the suitability of the SERVQUAL instrument, extensively used in marketing and selectively used to measure service quality of traditional Information Systems (IS) function, to measure IS service quality in the web environment. The website of a university’s library provided the context in which SERVQUAL was applied. From a focus group meeting of study participants, conducted subsequent to the survey, emerged additions and changes required in designing a web-oriented SERVQUAL (WEB-SERVQUAL) questionnaire. These included the addition of two key dimensions in the form of web strategy and managing customer expectations. Other SERVQUAL dimensions, such as IS reliability and IS responsiveness, had to be modified since the Webmaster, and not just the IS function, plays a significant role in providing service to a website. The study produced a high level WEB-SERVQUAL questionnaire that provides the basis for empirical testing and refinement in subsequent research.