Systèmes d'Information et Management


In 1997, Swanson and Ramiller gave rise to a reference thinking about information systems. Stating the importance of authorized ideas concerning the choice and the process of technological deployment, the researchers proposed a model which is based on a central concept: Organizing Vision. The article suggests a strategy of instrumentation from the theoretical framework based on the use of media analytical techniques alongside the case study method. In accordance with the recommendations of Swanson and Ramiller, two newspapers (01 Informatique and Le Monde Informatique) have been examined over the period 1999-2003. Lexicometric analysis, pivot analysis, thematic analysis and factor analysis have been used in order to isolate some trends as regards IS and to examine the authorized discourses. The whole set is then articulated with two longitudinal case studies. This strategy of general descending research is consistent with and extends a little more the scope of the theory of Swanson and Ramiller. It shows clearly the interrelationships between organisational and inter-organisational levels as regards technological adoption. The model of the organizing vision even seems to be relevant to slightly widening the case study method for many social phenomena organizations are coping with.