Systèmes d'Information et Management


Senior managers have become aware that the management of the information system portfolio of their organisation can ultimately lead to success or failure. The successful selection of mission-critical information systems begins with an understanding of the external and internal business environment and of the technological environment. Many organisations have failed to reap the benefits of their IT investments because they never achieved the required level of integration and cohesiveness between business and IT. The resultant information systems fail to meet the business requirements of the organisation because system requirements are either ill-scoped or the selection process they followed is not business driven. In this paper, the case of Bord Gais Eireann is used to examine the process of selection of a mission-critical system. The paper outlines the specificities of such IS projects and their implications for project management. As a conclusion, the paper puts forward a process model outlining how the integration of business and IT can be achieved to ensure the successful completion of selection stage of IS projects involving the purchase of mission-critical off-the-shelf packages.