Systèmes d'Information et Management


Currently, business-to-consumer (B to C) electronic commerce is growing at an unprecedented pace, and the web is becoming a real marketing and advertising support. The idea of B to C is to attract the attention of potential customers, and encourage them to spend time and money at the site. In this connection, the ability to conduct transactions or make purchases is a strategic asset and one of the major components of media company revenue streams. However, one of the biggest problems that hot web sites deal with is the "visibility" on the web. Successful web sites have developped a specific strategy for branding, promoting, and selling products and services. From this point of view, marking its web sites kwown is a real challenge for all companies involved in B to C. In this context, Webmarketing is an emerging concept. It involves a strategic approach to ensure the promotion of a merchant site. This concept is based on four elements : referencing, netlinking, electronic mailing, and adwertising. The discussion will focus on those ingredients in light of their impact on business activities, especially from the "visibility" point of view.