Systèmes d'Information et Management


The aim of this text is to identify the effects of Information Technologies on the organization of industries, and especially on interfirm relations. First, we propose a model of IT effects of industries organization, which comes from theoretical frameworks. We especially study the transaction cost theory and the question it raises. Do Information Technologies lead to more market or to more hierarchy ? But we have observed that changes are different from firms point of view. Competencies are changed. To take that into account, we propose a model of industries strategic change by using the supply chain as a level of analysis. The second part of this paper aims at illustrating these concepts on a case : the textile and garment industry. This case analysis permits to identify precisely the activity transfers, the changes in the positioning of different partners... We particularly identify the emergence of new intermediaries : the retailers and the technology suppliers. In both cases, these intermediaries roles are characterized by the same tendencies : existing functions are assumed by others, new roles organized around information system competencies, new activity included in the manufacturing process.