Systèmes d'Information et Management

Styles de coordination avec les sous-traitants, expérience commune et performance économique : le cas de trois projets dans le bâtiment


This article deals with how coordination styles with subcontractors and co-experiences have an effect on performance. In particular it discusses the conditions under which information and communication practices allow to reach the cost and delay targets. The limited character of the study is due to the small number of operations and of project managers. Its principal interest is to show from a practical viewpoint the possibility to set up coordination tools in an industry where they are rarely implemented, and on a theoretical standpoint to present the media richness theory in a dynamic perspective taking anticipation into account. There seems to exist differenciated ways of management of the project according to one's experience with subcontractors. When firms have to work with subcontractors they do not know, they do not commit themselves beyond the requirements to train, to organize and to advise them. The project manager tries to reduce uncertainty on some aspects without controlling the feasibility of a detailled forecasted plan.

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