Systèmes d'Information et Management


A critical examination of currently accepted theories in the systems analysis and design area reveals that the great majority of tools and techniques used for the development of information systems have emerged in the 1967 / 1977 decade. The numerous Systems Development Life Cycles (SDLCs) in existence, prototyping, algorithmic decomposition, data hiding and structured analysis techniques such as Data Flow Diagrams and Entity Relationship diagrams all originated in this period. Even the Object Oriented approach can be traced back to this "golden decade". This article presents a number of arguments in favour of a revolution in the development of information systems and pointing to the need for the creation of new development methodologies more suited to the current needs of organisations. Based on a series of interviews with experienced systems developers and a postal survey of Irish organisations, we show how the profile of today's IS projects is now radically different from the projects of the 67/77 period. Finally, we endeavour to explain why both practice and research have not progressed as fast as they should have in the IS area.