Systèmes d'Information et Management


A general view is, today, that the development of digital health can dramatically change the health care system. Building on results from a questionnaire addressed to health care professionals, this research analyzes the organizational changes of digital health. It draws on the perceptions these actors have of the desirable uses of these technologies for ma- naging patients and health risks. To do so, we based our transformational approach on a theoretical foundation which has rarely been used in information systems so far: the model “Market-Hierarchy-Community” of Paul S. Adler (2001). This research proposes to answer to the following research questions: what are the perceptions of heath care pro- fessionals of desirable uses of digital health? Is there any dominant perception or, on the contrary, any tension between different perceptions of uses? How do these perceptions shed light on digital health organizational changes and the associated sources of inertia? The main contribution of this research is to propose an analysis of the choice space of actors in a situation of transformation from their perceptions of desirable uses of technologies. The analysis of the perceptions of actors allows us to anticipate situations of transformation that link micro (professionals), meso (the organizations) and macro (health system) levels of a process of change.