Systèmes d'Information et Management


This research underlines the role of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to manage knowledge in the development of complex systems such as platform-ecosystems without an orchestrator actor. These ecosystems are straightaway registered in an inter-organizational innovation model around a ‘core’ platform which structures their existences. Thanks to Nice Futur Campus (NFCampus) case study, the paper shows how the upstream and downstream management of IPR contributes to the emergence of Near Field Communication (NFC) platform-ecosystem. It also proposes several theoretical contributions both on the rising ecosystems and on the open innovation literature. These contributions concern the structuring role of IPR in the birth of an ecosystem, the articulation between tacit and explicit knowledge and the open degree of the technological platform. The paper highlights besides practitioners and local public actors on the way IPR may favour or slow down the industrialization of numerous current experimentations in NFC domain, or more generally on how IPR management contributes to the success deployment of innovation emanating from a platform-ecosystem without an orchestrator actor.