Systèmes d'Information et Management


This research is reporting on the pre-adoption of Strategic Scanning (S.Scan) information systems (IS). More specifically, it relates to the pre-adoption phase, that is, the emergence of the idea of such a system and the evaluation of its need for the organization, upstream of any technological consideration. The research question is the following: what are the drivers and barriers that influence the pre-adoption of a S.Scan IS? The objective of this research is to extend knowledge on a subject that has received little attention from the scholars. Research’s originality relies on the use of isomorphic processes from neo-institu- tional framework to study pre-adoption in the field of S.Scan. On the basis of a multi- method research combining qualitative and quantitative exploratory studies in the specific field of sustainable supply chains (SSC), our results highlight 31 drivers and barriers to pre- adoption of S.Scan IS, ten of which have not been identified before, and five types of pres- sures. They therefore suggest that pre-adoption of S.Scan IS can be subject to both func- tional and institutional pressures. It can be driven either by competitiveness or conformism pressures, and hindered by performance objectives or lack of coercive pressures. Finally, these results put a question mark about the understanding of the strategic dimension of S.Scan IS by organisations, and the government’s role and its responsibility for promoting SSC initiatives and for the adoption of S.Scan IS on this issue.