Systèmes d'Information et Management


In this paper we attempt to show the actual and potential contribution of qualitative re- search in information systems. We looked at two recent volumes (2011-12) of MISQ, EJIS and SIM and found that there were a low proportion of qualitative papers in MISQ, a bal- ance of qualitative to quantitative papers in EJIS and a high proportion of qualitative pa- pers in SIM. We illustrate the contributions of qualitative research in IS through discussing nine papers (three from each journal) in some detail and then the other qualitative papers in these issues (61 of 217 papers in total) in the discussion section. A variety of methods, theories and contributions to research and practice are discussed. The depth, rigour and detail of many qualitative research studies are impressive and make such work convincing to the reader. Some suggestions are made to increase the profile of qualitative research in information systems.