Systèmes d'Information et Management


This research is based on the analysis of 64 articles dealing with ERP topics published from 1999 to 2012 in major francophone academic journals. Using a cumulative approa- ch, the purpose of this literature review is to define the current state of the francophone ERP research field and specify their main characteristics. To accomplish this, we develop our framework based on Markus and Tanis’ theoretical model to classify and analyze the lite- rature based on their research topic. We also question the rigor of the theoretical and me- thodological approach and compare our results with the main Anglo-Saxon literature re- view. Our results show that Anglo-Saxon and francophone research 1) share similar themes and issues with greater focus on implementation process and 2) use different theo- retical backgrounds to study ERP organizational and technical issues. However, we note that francophone research has a significant use of qualitative approach compared to the Anglo-Saxon community. We end the paper with an exposition of several subject areas re- lated to ERP research that need further exploration.