Systèmes d'Information et Management


Today, call centres are complex systems, consisting of various technological appliances, employing different skilled agents and often spreading on a multi-site worldwide environment. Simulation seems to be the appropriate technique to analyze and optimize such complex systems and has been applied to several cases. This paper examines the appropriateness of the simulation method on a case study where the modelling objectives are derived by the simulation outcomes. It facilitates the “interaction” between the researcher and the model, a process which can enhance the whole study and lead to useful conclusions. Furthermore, the presented simulation models incorporate a combination of aspects including a variable input schedule, multiple services, retrials, call routing, a complex resource allocation policy and queue abandonment phenomena. The methodology followed in the case study includes the assessment of the initial operation of a call centre and the evaluation of improvement scenarios. As shown in this paper, simulation can be applied on different phases of a call centre’s operation such as the evaluation of its performance, the improvement of its operation and the support of day to day activities.