Systèmes d'Information et Management


Numeric identifiers are converging, whatsoever their use: supported on hardware technologies (such as RFID) and fixed on objects in "material flows" or representing virtual objects in the "information flows" (IT systems). This convergence is the beginning of a wider IT revolution in the management of companies and their associated processes: The "Network of objects" is the perfect illustration of this. To succeed in this evolution, a prior work on "master data" and "data alignment" alongside the considered procedures (over a value chain) is mandatory. RFID is, for sure, one of the best available hardware technologies to mark the objects but is also a part of a whole: More important is the global data sharing on the "Internet of things" which potentially changes the role of every player and puts the consumer in the middle of everything. New methodologies and implementations are also necessary since the existing IT systems are definitely not adapted to this revolution (unable to deal with the huge amount of event data that will feed the system). Bénédicta has therefore experienced an innovative "bottom-up" approach, based on both an "event driven" Architecture and "service oriented" one (framework of small "decisional systems") to this achievement. Main stakes are consequently not exactly in the RFID but in the network and its sharing capabilities