Systèmes d'Information et Management


This research enters upon the question of the evaluation of Inter-firms Technologies and Systems (ITS) between partners with an approach based upon the concept of "co-alignment". This concept is considered as an internal coherence or consistence of multiple interfirms contingencies: technological, structural (formal) and socio-political (informal) contingencies that affect ITS performance (Drazin and Van de Ven, 1985). The model has been applied into a specific framework of ITS suitable with a rich informational context of the relation between Service Logistic Providers (SLP) and their principles customers (Industrials or distributors). This application required combination of two methodological approaches: a quantitative approach through a questionnaire administrated to 123 SLP operating in France and a qualitative approach collecting the perceptions of 25 actors. The result suggest that a good co-alignment between technological dimensions of ITS and formal and informal characteristics of their inter-firms context produce better perceived performance of ITS.