Systèmes d'Information et Management


The increasing rôle of Information Systems (IS) in the context of the organizational development, combined with the introduction of Information Technology (IT) in relation to emergent challenges in both economics and business, have spurred new needs in management and engineering skills. These skills, closely tied to business performance and management effectiveness, have implications for improving human_resource_management. This paper advocates the reasons for IS training in higher learning education. The aims for such Training Programs are treated here from both ontological and methodological perspectives. First, the ontological facet evoques the multi-disciplinary caracteristics of the scientific field for interest. It also summarizes the various IS ontological dimensions that should be proper to teach. Second, the methodological facet apprehends both the diversity of practical implemetions of IS together with opportunities for development. It also summarizes the ways to install this Information Engineering which is supposed to be taught These considerations about the new goals of IS are not deemed to be critical nor do they purport to reflect a comprehensive view of all existing education experiments. Rather, that could be used to design innovative IS curriculum projects.