Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


Here we explore the terrain of understanding the value of IT applications for diverse users across geographically diverse markets. The domain of our investigation is the development of features for applications that make use of presence and location information about the user. There is good reason to believe that such applications might create substantial value for mobile device users because the systems could use our declared availability and intentions (presence) along with our location to present us with information and choices of high circumstantial value. We explored the use of wide audience requirements engineering (WARE) to collect and analyze data from potential lead users in Helsinki, Las Vegas, and Hong Kong about their preferences for applications using presence and location information. We further analyzed the data to differentiate among the three cities. Results showed substantial differences in user preferences for presence and location enabled applications across the three cities, suggesting that applications developed for one market might not succeed in the others. We propose the design of new methods to develop distinct feature sets for IT applications intended for use by diverse users in different markets.