Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


Researchers have identified lifestyle diseases as a major threat to human civilization. These diseases gradually progress without giving any warning and result in a sudden health aggravation that leads to a medical emergency. As such, individuals can only avoid the life-threatening condition if they regularly monitor their health status. Health recommendation systems allow users to continuously monitor their health and deliver proper health advice to them. Also, continuous health monitoring depends on the real-time data exchange between health solution providers and users. In this regard, healthcare providers have begun to use wearable devices and recommendation systems to collect data in real time and to manage health conditions based on the generated data. However, we lack literature that has examined how individuals use wearable devices, what type of data the devices collect, and how providers use the data for delivering solutions to users. Thus, we decided to explore the available literature in this domain to understand how wearable devices can provide solutions to consumers. We also extended our focus to cover current health service delivery frameworks with the help of recommender systems. Thus, this study reviews health-monitoring services by conglomerating both wearable device and recommendation system to come up with personalized health and fitness solutions. Additionally, the paper elucidates key components of an advanced-level real-time monitoring service framework to guide future research and practice in this domain.