Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


Information systems (IS) researchers and management practitioners have increasingly begun to use the concept of stakeholder engagement to explain diverse outcomes associated with implementing new technology, yet the IS literature largely omits this focus in the context of enterprise systems implementation. While the literature has established stakeholder engagement‘s significance, it has not done the same for organizational stakeholder orientation. As such, I develop a theoretically sound framework to analyze organizational stakeholder orientations during a multi-partner IS implementation process. Researchers have traditionally viewed stakeholder engagement as corporate responsibility in action, but, in reality, stakeholder engagement may or may not involve a moral dimension. In this grounded theory research, I introduce a stakeholder engagement framework that contains two new constructs (i.e., stakeholder engagement and stakeholder sensitivity) and eight different dimensions guided by four major motivating factors. Additionally, I conducted a case study on a IS implementation project to analyze the stakeholder engagement for the project‘s implementation phases to capture the dynamic nature of the stakeholder engagement process and stakeholder sensitivity.