Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA)


Today’s fast-changing global environment has created unprecedented challenges for the university sector worldwide. Consequently, educational innovation has become more important than ever before, especially in dynamic design-oriented disciplines, including information systems (IS). Action design research (ADR) offers great but yet-to-be-explored potential for designing educational innovations. In this paper, I present ADR as a method for educational innovation. I also showcase this method using the example of teaching design activities in large lecture environments. More precisely, I offer an innovative organization design solution, the team net-based learning (TNBL) model, which I designed and other educators later independently adopted. They continue to use the model to this day. In this paper, I report on the ADR project of initiating, designing, implementing, and evaluating the TNBL model in a large undergraduate MIS class over a two-year period in a real-life setting from the standpoint of a reflective practitioner/designer engaged in ADR in her own practice. Even though I implemented the project in the IS domain, the main design artifact is discipline and content agnostic, and, as such, could be used in any other design-oriented discipline. I also provide important directions for future research.